Circle Drive Place is a non-profit organization managed by an Administrator who reports to a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors appointments are approved by the visionary umbrella organization of Circle Drive Alliance Church. Circle Drive Place has no financial obligations or expectations to its’ umbrella organization, although the ethical mission falls in line with the Circle Drive Alliance Church’s faith statement.

The Administrative Office manages all applications, including new agreements, terminations, as well as financial, personnel and property maintenance. A Building Manager also lives on site. The organization is audited annually, and also reports annually to the Resident Population of Circle Drive Place. Management operates with an “open door” policy and is here to serve.

The mandate for management of Circle Drive Place is:

  1. Adherence to ethical and sound business management practices that are based on Biblical principles.
  2. Continual maintenance and improvements to the facilities to enable long-term competitiveness in the Saskatoon Housing Market.
  3. The development and nurturing of a community spirit to enrich the Resident’s quality of life.

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